Hello, I'm Ange Eyzaguirre.

My story as a designer and the story of my fashion brand began in 2019, when I decided to embark on my path in the world of design and fashion . At first, I focused on making custom dresses, creating unique and personalized pieces for my clients.

However, after 8 months, we are faced with an unexpected challenge: the pandemic . In the midst of uncertainty, we saw an opportunity to adapt and use available resources creatively. We decided to take advantage of the silk we had and the labor to make blouses and skirts that were more casual and suitable for everyday use. Additionally, we added a special touch to the shopping experience by handwriting notes to each customer who purchased, thanking them for their support. This small token of gratitude went viral and we soon started selling a lot more.

In a next step, we decided to expand our offering to the wedding dress market, offering more economical options using our polyester silk. This decision turned out to be a great success and our business grew even more.

As the confinement came to an end, we took advantage of the momentum we had achieved and opened our first store in Luis Pasteur , and 6 months later, we opened another in Casa Costanera . These new physical spaces allowed us to connect more directly with our customers and provide them with a unique shopping experience.

The growth continued, and we were honored when we were invited to participate in New York Fashion Week , a unique opportunity to make our brand known internationally. Then, we attended a Vogue fair in Mexico , where we met a store owner interested in selling our products in that country. This collaboration became an excellent gateway to the Mexican market.

Currently, we are excited about the upcoming launch of an exclusive collection for Falabella , which represents a great step to expand our presence in the Chilean market and reach a broader audience.

Additionally, we have been invited to participate in more Fashion Weeks and other opportunities that will allow us to continue expanding and reaching new markets both in Latin America and internationally.

Our dream is to continue growing and bringing our sustainable and elegant fashion to more people in different countries. We want to be a brand recognized around the world for our focus on sustainability , the quality of our designs and the positive impact we generate in the fashion industry .

Each step in this exciting journey has taught us to face challenges , be creative and persevere in pursuit of our goals. We are excited for the future and confident that with passion , dedication and commitment , we will be able to reach new horizons and continue leaving a positive mark on fashion and the world.