WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL aims to be a virtual commercial store for the promotion and commercialization of ANGE EYZAGUIRRE products.

By accessing the EStore, the user automatically adheres to the provisions found in this document, called Terms and Conditions of Use, which must be strictly respected.

These Terms and Conditions of use incorporate the Privacy Policy and the Purchase, Change and Return Policy, as well as any other rules or terms that may be provided on specific pages of the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site and/or communicated to Users through notification.

ANGE EYZAGUIRRE is available to clarify any doubt.

  1. Definitions

1.1. Users: Anyone who browses the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site

1.2. Client: Any User who establishes a purchase or uses the site to purchase products on the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site

1.3. Restricted personal area: Section of the site ANGEEYZAGUIRRE

accessed by the User through the use of login and password.

1.4. Login: Identification chosen by the User when completing the registration for access to the restricted personal area and exclusive functionalities of the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site.

1.5. Password: Set of characters that serves as proof of identity of the User, whose knowledge must be exclusive, personal and unique.

1.6. Registration data: Set of personal information of a User in a way that differentiates it from others, such as the identity document number, residential or business address, full name and others.

  1. Navigation

2.1. To view some of the content available on the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site, it will be necessary to install the Adobe Flash Player application, as well as Java Script resources and cookies enabled in the browser.

2.2. The User is responsible for installing/enabling such resources on their computer equipment, as well as keeping it safe, through the use of security tools, such as antivirus and firewalls.

23. Unless otherwise provided or notified, the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site will seek to keep all content available 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 07 (seven) days a week, based on the official time of Chile. However, it does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access to the site.

2.3.1. Eventually the site may be unavailable due to:

  1. i) Technical and/or operational maintenance that requires the removal of the site from the air or makes it impossible to access it,
  1. ii) acts of God or force majeure;

iii) actions of third parties that prevent the availability of the site;

  1. iv) interruption or suspension of services provided by telecommunications service providers; and
  1. v) occurrence of transmission failures and/or failures in Internet access, among others.

2.3.2. From browsing the Site the user could be redirected to other sites. ANGE EYZAGUIRRE is not responsible for the privacy and security policies of such sites.

  1. Record

3.1 The registration will imply the creation of an exclusive browsing profile, which will enable the User to access a restricted personal area, in addition to the execution of specific activities and participation in loyalty programs.

3.1.1. The information on the treatment of the personal data provided in the registration may be obtained in our Privacy Policy.

3.2. When registering, the User agrees to provide true and updated information about himself, and his legal guardian, in case he is under 18 (eighteen) years of age, in addition to keeping such information updated.

3.2.1. The User, therefore, may view and change their registration data, subsequently, at any time, accessing their restricted personal area.

3.3. During registration, the User will express their express consent to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site, through an electronic validation procedure, the registration of which will be stored securely.

3.4. The User will receive, in his email, a message regarding the confirmation of his registration on the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site.

3.5. In the event that the User does not agree with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the ANGEEYZAGUIRRE site, it will not be possible for the User to carry out the activities inherent to the exclusive browsing profiles.

3.6. The User who is not subscribed to the newsletter mailing list may subscribe to it at any time. Likewise, you can subscribe to such a newsletter mailing list at any time, by clicking on the cancellation link found in the body of the newsletter itself.

3.7. During the registration process, the user must create a personal, non-transferable and confidential password.

3.7.1. This password must contain a minimum of 6 characters, including letters, numbers, and special characters. It must also be difficult to guess, so the use of sequences of letters and numbers, names of close relatives, and/or special dates is not recommended. .

3.7.2 The user must take charge of the security of his password, and must change it immediately in the event that he knows or distrusts that it has been discovered by a third party.

3.7.3. In the case of forgetting, the User may request the sending of his password to his registered email, in the item "I have forgotten my Password".

3.8. The User may cancel his registration, later, at any time, by accessing his restricted personal area in the registration cancellation item.

3.8.1. Eventual cases of suspicion or distrust in the User will be treated independently, as provided in our Purchase Policy, an integral part of these Terms of Use.

3.8.2. Eventual cases of breach of civil and criminal responsibilities, Users in violation of these Terms of Use will be treated independently.

  1. Intellectual property

4.2. Simple access to the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site does not give the user the right to use the content that is, has been or will be available.

4.3. Therefore, the contents displayed on the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site may not, in any way, be copied, distributed, reproduced or disclosed, in any medium, under penalty of civil and/or criminal liability.

4.4 Any content submitted for publication by the User on the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site will be the exclusive civil and criminal responsibility of the User and cannot be interpreted in any way as an act of WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL.

4.5. WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL, however, reserves the right not to publish, as well as remove any content considered morally or legally inappropriate.

4.6. The eventual withdrawal, even by request, of any content must always be understood as a demonstration of prevention of inconvenience and, never, as recognition of any infringement by WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL to third-party rights.

  1. Duties of the User:

5.1. The User assumes full charge and responsibility for his actions on the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site, also responding for the acts that third parties perform on his behalf, through the use of login and password.

5.2. The User must indemnify WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL for any damages as a consequence of their actions or omissions that violate the provisions that are expressed in these Terms of Use or in the legal regulations in force.

  1. Limitation of Liability

6.1. As a result of operational issues, the WWW. ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL is subject to eventual interruption problems, technical failures and temporary unavailability of operation.

6.1.1 ANGE EYZAGUIRRE disclaims any liability for damages of any nature that may occur due to the lack of availability or continuity of operation of the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site.

6.2. ANGE EYZAGUIRRE will do its best to guarantee the security and reliability of the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site and the contents available on the same site, for which it uses various controls for detection, prevention and combating malicious activities.

6.2.1. Therefore, ANGE EYZAGUIRRE will not be responsible for any damages arising from the action of third parties, due to the inappropriate conduct of the User and/or that is somehow outside its sphere of surveillance.

6.3. ANGE EYZAGUIRRE does not hold any responsibility for the User's browsing on external web sites, even if referenced on the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE CL site, so it is the User's duty to read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the web site accessed. .

6.4. ANGE EYZAGUIRRE is not responsible for any type of unavailability or error that occurs in the payment process through credit card and affiliated banks.

6.5. Cancellation of ORDERS.

All orders placed through WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL are subject to the acceptance of ANGE EYZAGUIRRE, which means that acceptance may be refused, or any order cancelled, regardless of whether the order has been confirmed, with or without reason on the part of of ANGE EYZAGUIRRE, and without any responsibility towards the User or another person. In the event that a charge has been applied through the payment method used in the purchase, for an order that is later cancelled, ANGE EYZAGUIRRE will issue a refund.

  1. General disposition

7.1. The contents of the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site, including these Terms of Use, may be updated or modified at any time, it being the responsibility of the User to verify them whenever they make a new access.

7.2. Tolerance for eventual non-compliance with any item of this instrument will not prevent or inhibit the demand for compliance thereof at any time.

7.3. In case of doubt related to the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site, its contents and these Terms of Use, the User must contact us through contacto@angeeyzaguirre.cl


The Products and services, as well as all the information, content, advertising materials (including software), contained in the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL site, are according to their availability and "as is" presented and provided through the website, unless otherwise specified in writing.

The use of the Website is under the sole responsibility and risk of the User, assuming the User all responsibility for any costs associated with the use of the Site. ANGE EYZAGUIRRE will not be responsible for any damage and/or loss of any kind in relation, directly or indirectly, to the use of the Site by the User.

7.5. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution.

By using the WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL website, the User is subject to the law of the Republic of Chile.

Any difficulty or controversy that occurs between the contracting parties regarding the application, interpretation, duration, validity or execution of this contract or any other reason will be submitted to arbitration, in accordance with the Arbitration Procedural Regulations of the Santiago Arbitration and Mediation Center, in force. at the time of request.

The parties grant irrevocable special power to the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago AG, so that, at the written request of any of them, appoint an arbitrator from among the members of the arbitration body of the Santiago Arbitration and Mediation Center.

Against the resolutions of the arbitrator, no recourse will proceed, the parties expressly waiving them. The arbitrator is especially empowered to resolve any matter related to his competence and/or jurisdiction.

These Terms and Conditions of Use will be interpreted according to the current and applicable legislation of the Republic of Chile.

7.6. When the User places an order, it is equivalent to full and complete acceptance of the prices, the description of the products and the general conditions of sale, which will be the only ones applicable to these terms and conditions. ANGE EYZAGUIRRE will process the orders as long as the items are available. All purchases are subject to technical and/or geographic availability. Faced with the lack of availability of the product, ANGE EYZAGUIRRE undertakes to inform the User as soon as possible. The products that were selected in your Shopping Bag (shopping cart), but that were not yet purchased, will not be reserved, but can be purchased by someone else. The price of the products and/or services offered on the Site may not coincide with that of the different commercial premises or sales channels of ANGE EYZAGUIRRE. The prices expressed on this website are in Chilean pesos. Prices include VAT, but do not include the cost of shipping.

7.7. You can only place an order on our Website if you are a consumer, not a distributor. You must be over 18 years of age to purchase products through our Website.

  1. cookies

8.1. The Site may use a tracking system through "cookies" so that access to information, when moving from page to page, is carried out more quickly. It also helps in some cases to identify the Users, without the need to request the access code over and over again. These cookies are small files that the visited page sends and are stored on the computer's hard drive, taking up little space. Users are informed that by using their browser options they may limit or restrict the hosting of these "cookies" at their will, although it is inadvisable to restrict them completely. The system may collect information about your preferences and interests. In the event that this occurs, the information will be used exclusively for statistical purposes to improve the services provided on the Site.

  1. Payment methods

9.1. WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL, has Pago Facil as the provider in charge of the payment service, being responsible for carrying out the transaction. If the User presents his credit or debit card to our supplier or entity responsible for collection, he authorizes the latter to debit from his credit or debit card the expenses incurred in the account that the User registered on our website.

The User undertakes to pay all bills and charges in his name, including shipping the product, except when the latter is explicitly subsidized. When the User selects any product that he wishes to buy on our site, ANGE EYZAGUIRRE is expressly empowered to make inquiries about the credit status. Which means that ANGE EYZAGUIRRE can request information about your available credit, veracity of your information, and validity of the card or account. Payments that can eventually be made through this page, may be made online using cards, Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express or using any other means of payment that is appropriately indicated.

  1. Deliveries and Shipping

10.1. All shipping costs that occur for purchases within WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL are the exclusive responsibility of our customers, except in the case in which the shipping cost is being promoted. (Promotion that will be duly informed on the website).

Our products will be delivered through Chilexpress, Starken, BluExpress or 99Minutos depending on the shipping address. The delivery time in the metropolitan region and throughout the country is up to 5 business days.

For Special Events such as Cyber ​​Day, the term can be extended to a maximum of 15 business days. The final dispatch time is subject to the distribution and service times of external companies.

For exceptional cases or force majeure, the term will be subject to the distribution and service times of the aforementioned courier companies, as well as the limitations declared by the authority.

When placing your order, the system will automatically calculate a shipping amount based on your address.

The tracking number of your order will be sent to you by mail once it is delivered to the courier.

In case of requesting the withdrawal option at a Chilexpress or Starken branch, it is the customer's responsibility to withdraw the order within 14 days at the branch. Otherwise the shipment will be returned to our warehouse and the customer must pay the associated shipping costs.

The products are delivered with the original packaging of WWW.ANGEEYZAGUIRRE.CL. In the event that the User receives the product in poor condition, he must not forget to inform our site of this by sending an email to contacto@angeeyzaguirre.cl

We reserve the right to send.

  1. Pricing policy

11.1 The prices of the products available on this site, while they appear on it, will only be valid and applicable on this site and will not necessarily be applicable to other sales channels, such as physical or multi-brand stores.

  1. Data Privacy Policy

12.1. In order to use the Site efficiently and safely, Users must provide certain information, including their first and last name, email account, telephone number, delivery and billing address, without which it would be impossible to provide the services. That is why it is required that they be true and exact. The data collected by the corresponding forms will be incorporated into a database for which ANGE EYZAGUIRRE is responsible. The personal information that Users enter on the Site is totally confidential and ANGE EYZAGUIRRE will do her best to protect their privacy. When data and numbers corresponding to credit cards are entered, they are encrypted, thus ensuring that they are kept completely confidential and cannot be seen by other people.

  1. Contact information

Campidoglio SPA

RUT: 77-270.927-7

Legal representative

Felipe Jofre

Address: Av. Luis Pasteur 6650 Local 1– Vitacura - Santiago

contact phone


All official contact of El Campidoglio SPA will be carried out through its contact email : contacto@angeeyzaguirre.cl